Primera Resources

Oil and Gas Subsurface Consulting

We provide specific services in:

Stochastic Decision Making

We support decision making by integrating uncertainties and risk analysis to subsurface/surface studies, building reliability over the impact of each related parameters on the decision outcome.

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Reservoir Modelling & Simulation

We deliver integrated, multi-disciplinary static and dynamic reservoir models using state-of-the-art software, including top edge commercial applications as well as in house solutions.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Quick and objective evaluation of EOR potentials in complex reservoirs using EOR Geo-Screening, ensuring the selected technology is the best fit for the reservoir.

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Reservoir Management & Monitoring

Specialised trainings and bespoke consultancy services such as: Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring, including: big data analysis and visualisation as well as well tests and nodal analysis.

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The Company

Primera Resources is a bespoke fully comprehensive solution provider, focused on upstream exploration and production high-end workflows, with strong expertise on numerical reservoir simulation in conventional and unconventional studies.

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Our Clients

We deliver a range of professional services for small, medium and major upstream operators in the oil and gas industry.

We set up teams with the best possible combination of skills to get the specific job done and achieve the results our clients really need.

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Our Team

Our growing team is integrated by a group of multidisciplinary professionals with expertise in a broad range of oil & gas fields, including production engineering, geology and reservoir engineering.

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Clients and associates

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Latest News

  • We fulfil the most specific staffing needs for small, medium, and major upstream oil and gas companies for all types of projects and timelines.

  • We design Customized Training Courses with extreme focus on history matching, probabilistic forecasting and decision making under uncertainty.

  • We work in the design of Optimal Workflows to anticipate, mitigate and manage uncertainty and its consequences in MEPO, Cougar and Petrel.

  • We provide Optimal solution and modelling for a complete production system, from reservoir to surface network.

  • We have broad experience providing Dynamic 3D Models, to represent the fluid and rock properties, allowing for future reservoir performance predictions under various operating scenarios.