We deliver integrated, multi-disciplinary static and dynamic reservoir models using state-of-the-art software. We support decision making by integrating uncertainties and risk analysis to subsurface studies, building reliability over the impact of each related parameters on the decision outcome.

By using in-house applications and commercial tools we deliver integrated, multi-disciplinary reservoir studies mainly focused on mitigation of subsurface and surface uncertanties.

We provide an accurate platform to predict reservoir performance, determine optimal production techniques, minimize cost, and maximize production rates and reserves.



State-of-the-art Reservoir modelling

Our wealth of experience allows us to create state-of-the-art reservoir models designed to represent the performance of very complex, conventional and unconventional, oil and gas reservoirs.

By using cutting edge technology and techniques we deliver tailored dynamic and static models to meet the needs of different integrated reservoir studies.

Our team of consultants understand how numerical simulation can be used to manage risk and uncertainty mitigation in field developments strategies whilst meeting your operational and production goals.

Dynamic Simulation

Our consultants combine deep functional expertise with practical experience in reservoir simulators to create dynamic 3D models representing the fluid and rock properties, and predicting reservoir performance under various operating scenarios.

  • Screening of geological models and setting up sensitivity and uncertainty analysis workflows using commercial and in-house developed tools.
  • Quality Control of simulation models, conversion between simulators (ECLIPSE, CMG, PSIM, MoRes, VIP) and Model migration from ECLIPSE to Petrel RE.
  • Criterion development for objective History Matching of Reservoir Simulation and Material Balance models as well as Probabilistic Forecasting and Reserves/Resources estimation.
  • Field development optimization and concept /strategy analysis in redevelopment projects.
  • Integrated asset modelling (IAM) studies of gas and gas- condensate fields, using MBAL, GAP, PROSPER, ECLIPSE- PIPESIM, and other commonly used reservoir and production engineering software.
  • Evaluation and optimization of oil and gas field surface facilities networks as well as Gas lift allocation and water injection using IAM.