About Us

Primera Resources LTD


Primera Resources is a bespoke service provider offering in-depth knowledge and solutions to address our client’s needs and add value to upstream exploration and production workflows. Our high-end workflows offer a unique perspective by integrating static and dynamic reservoir modeling with uncertainty analysis, reserves reporting and reservoir management. We offer solutions focused on identifying well targets and confidently forecasting production in conventional and unconventional studies.

We are a diverse, forward-thinking, group of people with experience in a wide range of upstream disciplines and in different commercial and open source reservoir simulators. We focus on supporting our clients in defining the most optimum reservoir exploitation scheme using fit-for-purpose tools and techniques.

Our solutions incorporate classical reservoir modelling and material balance, well tests analysis of pressure transients and nodal analysis, dynamic reservoir modelling and history matching, reservoir Integrated field development optimisation and economics.


Primera Resources Management

Alejandro Primera

Founder and Director of Primera Resources, Alejandro is a senior reservoir specialist with over 17 years of experience in Reservoir Engineering, Plan Development and Uncertainty Analysis in the oil and gas industry.

Igor Bagno

Reservoir engineer specialising in field development planning and optimisation, asset evaluation and reserves auditing of the operated assets and new ventures. Fully familiar with standard and advanced engineering technics, analytical and numerical. Strong capabilities developed in fractured carbonate reservoirs characterisation and modelling of dual porosity systems behaviour, flow assurance and gas lift optimisation, well tests interpretation and design.




Our Clients

We set up teams with the best possible combination of skills to get the specific job done and achieve the results our clients need.

A large portion of our business is with:

  • Small, medium, and major upstream operators looking for advanced projects and seasoned industry specialists.
  • Joint venture partners looking for quality control of reservoir models, forecasting and reserves and resources classification.
  • Banking sector looking for subsurface advice on technical feasibility of investment prospects or technical assessment of a existing portfolio.